Luskin Departmental Email

The email address is  available to Luskin faculty(optional), staff, and other members of the Luskin School of Public Affairs department.  Luskin departmental email, is part of the Microsoft Office 365 (O365) suite of collaboration tools.  Luskin department email is supported by the Enterprise Messaging group within campus IT Services.  Luskin email addresses come with 50GB of email storage and 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.

To check your email via the web, log on to Outlook Web App for Office 365 with your full username (e.g.
Instructions for using the Outlook Web App.

*If you have any trouble with the instructions and are redirected to the old Enterprise Messaging logon window, or are not redirected to the Single Sign-On window, you should clear your cache, close your browser, then try again

NOTICE : Office 365 migration to UCLA Logon + MFA

On 8/20/2021, UCLA Office 365 accounts (i.e., email addresses) will begin using UCLA Logon and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA/DUO).  UCLA Logon IDs will be replacing the existing email usernames. This change is intended to improve email security and simplify the process of logging into departmental email as set forth by the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer and CISO David Shaw. Instead of using, you will be using your (UCLA Logon ID) to log into your department email account from now on, which will prompt the SSO/MFA process that you see on other UCLA applications.

In order to continue receiving email in MOST cases you will need to log back into your client using your username and password. If that does not work, you will need to delete and recreate your email configuration using the following email client instructions listed below. If you have any trouble accessing your email on/after 8/20, please email

Note: this change only impacts email addresses and does not impact or addresses.  If you forward you email to another address, you do not need to do anything on 8/20.


Am I getting a new email account?
No, your email address and all of your email account content and settings will remain as they are. Only the method of authenticating to access the account is changing.

Is my UCLA Logon ID username the same as my Enterprise Messaging username?
Not necessarily. Whatever you type into the familiar UCLA Logon ID window is your username (

Will I need my EM username for anything?
Likely no. However, note that any shared accounts will still use EM’s “” credentials, as they are not moving to MFA.

Will my computer/phone automatically update to use UCLA Logon ID?
This is unfortunately unclear. Everyone should expect to have to make a change to their Outlook profile in order to access their email. Instructions for different configurations are listed here:

How does this affect other Microsoft applications that we’re signed into?
The move to MFA will affect all applications you are signed into. You will/may need to re-authenticate using “” in order to regain access.

What if I have access to other email accounts?
If you have added a shared account, or are delegated rights to another person’s account, it should continue to work without intervention.

Who is Affected?

All Luskin users with a departmental email account will  be affected, because we all have Office 365 accounts provided through Enterprise Messaging.

Only individual emails are moving to MFA – shared or generic emails are out of scope. Enterprise Messaging uses our 9-digit UIDs for this process, so any email without an associated UID will not change.

The list of emails and UIDs is not perfect, however, and there will be some individuals who will have to be handled after 8/20. If you did not receive an email from David Shaw about this, you are likely in this situation.

Action to Take the Day Before

From the email on 8/13:

On 8/19 prior to 10pm, log out of OneNote, OneDrive and Outlook.

While you can log out of individual applications on individual computers, the most complete way of logging out is to go to and click on “Sign out everywhere” under your name. Mobile devices will need to most likely be re-setup.  Basically sign out of anything Microsoft related at this time.

What to Expect on August 20th

Also from the 8/13 email:

On 8/20 in the morning, you should be prompted with the UCLA single sign on page when starting email.

In the event that you are not prompted or have issues logging in, please use the web client to get access, following these instructions:
How do I log into Outlook for Web using Single Sign-On?

The primary difference is that you will enter your UCLA Logon ID in the form “” instead of your email-specific “”.

Update your device(s)

Your work computer, your phone, or any other device you are signed into will need to be updated. In essence, you need to remove the account and re-add it using the new method. Your information will need to re-sync, but will be otherwise unchanged.

LUSKIN IT is unable to automate the process for LUSKIN departmental computers, and it must be done on an individual basis. The process for different devices, operating systems, and email applications varies, so IT Services has provided documentation for different situations.

See the email sent on 8/13/21 from UCLA CISO David Shaw:
Email From David Shaw – 8/13/2021

This IT Services article gives some additional background for the mandate:

Why are we changing our sign-in method to access our Departmental email accounts?

Depending on how you use it, it may… yes. If you have your set as PRIMARY on top of your departmental EMAIL account ( under the Enterprise 0365 system…. emails sent to “” will now go to your departmental inbox instead of your inbox. Emails sent to” will continue to go to your inbox. More information at this article: KB0013561

You may also contact UCLA’s IT Support Center for help via email at or phone at (310) 267-HELP (4357) for 24/7 SUPPORT on this matter.

As indicated in the CISO’s David Shaw’s email, UCLA IT Services has published many articles with instructions on how to update your device:

Email clients (MFA/SSO)

For the purposes of logging in to email, your full email username is typically in the format (where logonid is your UCLA Logon ID).

Email apps on Mobile, Tablet, and Outlook Access Apps

For the purposes of logging in to email, your full email username is typically in the format (where logonid is your UCLA Logon ID). Email Addresses (Google Apps for Education)

If you have an email instead of an email, please contact the UCLA IT Support Center for help.

ITSC Website:
ITSC Email:
ITSC Phone:        (310) 267-HELP (4357)

How to Reset your UCLA LOGON (  password