Luskin Email Addresses

The Luskin email domain is hosted by UCLA’s Enterprise Messaging system. Users with an email address with the @luskin.ucla.edudomain can access their mailbox from anywhere that has an Internet connection through the Outlook Web App (OWA). It allows you to read, respond, and create email messages, view your calendar, tasks, and other aspects of your Outlook account.

If you have received an email indicating “Your Mailbox Is Almost Full” please email the Help Desk to request a mailbox quota increase. For basic email support, use the following tutorials:

Enterprise messaging training resources:

Note: All members of the Luskin community must first establish a UCLA Logon ID to obtain access to a Luskin email address. To obtain a UCLA Logon ID, visit

UCLA Email Addresses

If you have a email instead of a email, please contact the BruinOnLine office for help.


Phone: (310) 267-HELP (4357)

Office: The BOL Help Desk is located in Kerckhoff Hall, Suite 124.

Note: Email’s hosted by BruinOnLine are being phased out Spring 2014.

For instructions on how to forward your BOL email to another email account, click here.

Google Apps for UCLA