Some classrooms have different tools and technologies in place for your use. These tutorials will help guide you on using these tools in the specific classrooms indicated:

Room Projector Computer Laptop Connection CAMERA Computer Mic Zoom House Mics
2343 Y Y HDMI Y [Wall] Y Y Y*
2355 Y Y HDMI Y [Wall] Y Y Y*
4320 Y Y HDMI Y [Ceiling] Y Y N
4357 Y Y HDMI Y [Ceiling] Y Y N
4371 Y Y HDMI Y [Ceiling] Y Y N
5391 TV Y HDMI Y [Webcam] Y Y N

All classrooms have HDMI Adapters for USB-C/MAC at the podium: any others supply your own.
* House Mics = 1 podium mic, 1 lavalier, 4 handheld mics. [All supply house sound as well as computer/zoom mic sound]

Rooms that are NOT listed above are NOT supported by Luskin. The General Assignment Classrooms are handled by UCLA IT Services and the Center for Advancement of Teaching.  All other 1st floor and 2nd floor (listed below) are general assignment classrooms are managed by Center for the Advancement of Teaching) for support. Some of these rooms require adapters. Please visit the room ahead to ensure you have equipment you need.

Luskin Classrooms listed above have HDMI/USB-C adapters in all Luskin classrooms.

Please contact: 310-206-6597 /

1222, 1234, 1246, 1256, 1264, 1270, 1278, 1284, 1323, 1329, 1337, 1343
2214, 2232, 2238, 2242, 2250, 2270, 2278, 2284, 2292, 2317, 2319, 2325, 2333

Connected your device (laptop) but want to duplicate/extend your screen?

  1. While holding the Windows button located on the keyboard, press “P”. Your display options will appear.
  2. While continuing to hold the Windows button, press “P” to highlight each option. Highlight “Duplicate” to project the image that appears on your laptop monitor.
  3. Highlight “Extend” to use the projector as a second monitor. You can then drag items off of your laptop monitor and on to the projected image.
  4. Release the Windows button when you have highlighted the desired option.

Mac Video Mirroring Display: 

Video mirroring projects the same image that appears on your laptop monitor.

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, then click Display.
  2. Ensure both monitors are set to the same resolution.
  3. Click Arrangement, then select Mirror Displays.

Mac Video Extended Desktop:

Extended projects your desktop across your own laptop monitor and the projector as a 2nd screen.

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Displays, then click Arrangement.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. This will require you to DRAG things across from your screen to the projectors side.