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UCLA Arrowhead Series: Transit for People

Oct 14 @ 12:30 pm-2:00 pm

UCLA Arrowhead Series: Transit for People

Public transit exists to serve people and their mobility needs. This mission as a provider of social service includes addressing societal problems, like homelessness, that occur on transit, enhancing the safety of passengers, and ensuring that fares are not a barrier to meeting mobility needs.


Tierra Bills
Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

David Bragdon
Executive Director, TransitCenter

Therese W. McMillan
Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission

The UCLA Arrowhead Symposium presents Transit in Transition, a series that will consider the current state of public transit in the United States and options for the future. The pandemic accelerated the pre-existing trend of declining ridership. Transit agencies have built fixed-route and rapid transit infrastructure to serve commercial centers and downtowns, but expanding remote work brings uncertainty to recovery of demand in these areas. The more flexible bus is the workhorse of many transit systems, including Los Angeles, and has catered to lower-income transit users. An enhanced focus on equity often brings additional resources for the bus and meeting the public’s mobility needs through alternative shared mobility options.


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