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New Protections for LGBTQ+ Youth in Foster Care

UCLA Luskin’s Bianca D.M. Wilson spoke to LGBTQ Nation about a federal policy enshrining new protections for children in foster care. The rule from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires that state and tribal child welfare agencies provide safe and appropriate placements for LGBTQ+ children and youth, who are overrepresented in foster care and face high levels of bullying and harassment. “They experience threats to their well-being and mental health as well as increased risk of not ending up in permanent homes,” said Wilson, an associate professor of social welfare. “LGBTQ youth are more likely to age out of the system without [ever being placed] in a permanent home. So they not only experience hardship within the foster care system but the most difficult route out of it.” The federal rule cites several studies conducted by Wilson, whose research explores the relationships among culture, oppression and health.


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