Ong Recommends Expanding CARES Act

Paul Ong, research professor and director of UCLA Luskin’s Center for Neighborhood Knowledge, was featured in an IE Business Daily article discussing government relief efforts to support residents and businesses during the pandemic. Created in March, the CARES Act has directed billions of dollars in relief aid to U.S. citizens, major industries and small businesses. However, a recent study co-authored by Ong found that the CARES Act has favored some regions and groups more than others. With the CARES Act set to expire at the end of the month, the Trump Administration must expand the program or risk serious consequences, Ong said. He added that state and local relief policies should be adopted to fill in the gaps not covered by the federal government. “A lot of people are going to need help with their rent and their mortgage payments,” Ong said. “What we need is a major policy discussion.”

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