Adam Millard-Ball

Adam Millard-Ball

Associate Professor of Urban Planning


MA, Geography, University of Edinburgh
PhD, Environment and Resources, Stanford University

Areas of Interest:

Street-network sprawl, autonomous vehicles, carbon trading, climate action planning


Office Location:

Public Affairs 3320E
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Adam Millard-Ball is an associate professor of Urban Planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. His research and teaching are about transportation, the environment, and urban data science. Trained as an economist, a geographer, and an urban planner, he analyzes the environmental consequences of transportation and land-use decisions, and the effectiveness of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. His research uses large-scale geospatial data analysis as well as econometric and qualitative methods.

Dr. Millard-Ball holds a PhD from Stanford University and an MA from the University of Edinburgh. Before joining Luskin, he was an associate professor in the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz; an assistant professor in the Department of Geography and McGill School of Environment, McGill University; and a Principal with transportation planning firm Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates.

Selected Publications

See Google Scholar for a complete list.

Millard-Ball, Adam (2021), “The width and value of residential streets.Journal of the American Planning Association, in press.     Interactive website

Millard-Ball, Adam (2021), “Planning as Bargaining: The causal impacts of plans in Seattle and San Francisco.” Journal of the American Planning Association, in press.

Millard-Ball, Adam; Desai, Garima; and Fahrney, Jessica (2021), Diversifying Planning Education through Course Readings. Journal of Planning Education and Research, in press.     Interactive website

Millard-Ball, Adam; West, Jeremy; Rezaei, Nazanin; and Desai, Garima (2021), What do residential lotteries show us about transportation choices? Urban Studies, in press.

Barrington-Leigh, Chris and Millard-Ball, Adam (2020), “Global trends toward urban street-network sprawl.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(4): 1941-1950.    Interactive map

Ramanathan, Veerabhadran; Millard-Ball, Adam; and Niemann, Michelle (eds) (2019), Bending the Curve. Climate Change Solutions. California Digital Library.

Millard-Ball, Adam (2019), “The autonomous vehicle parking problem,” Transport Policy, 75: 99-108.

Millard-Ball, Adam (2013), “The Limits to Planning. Causal impacts of city climate action plans.” Journal of Planning Education and Research. 33(1): 5-19.

Millard-Ball, Adam and Schipper, Lee (2011), “Are We Reaching Peak Travel? Trends in Passenger Transport in Eight Industrialized Countries.Transport Reviews, 31(3): 357-378.