Social Welfare student to present at the Summer Colloquium for Social, Economic and Environmental Equity Christina Tam will discuss racial, economic, and social inequalities


By Alejandra Reyes-Velarde

Luskin Student Writer

Social Welfare’s Christina Tam was recently one of 10 doctoral students from across the country to be selected to be a part of the Summer Colloquium for Social, Economic and Environmental Equity. The Colloquium will be held at the Boston College School of Social work and will be hosted by professors David Takeuchi and Ruth McRoy.

At the event, Tam will present her dissertation and contribute to ideas addressing racial, economic, social and environmental inequalities. Her dissertation examines Los Angeles County by ethnicity to better understand each ethnic minority’s circumstances within the juvenile justice system.

Last year, Tam was one of many students to present academic papers for the Society for Social Work and Research conference, during which she talked about two of her papers regarding juvenile delinquency studies. Through her research, Tam has explored gender differences in crime, how formerly incarcerated adults find social support and the overrepresentation of Southeast Asians in the American justice system.



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