The Luskin Undergraduate Program Office provides academic counseling services to undergraduate students in the Luskin School of Public Affairs Undergraduate Program. These programs include the Public Affairs major, Gerontology minor, Public Affairs minor, and Urban and Regional Studies minor.

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Luskin Undergraduate Program Office

The Luskin School of Public Affairs Undergraduate Program team believes that academic counseling is a partnership between counselors and the student. Luskin undergraduate academic counselors will collaborate with students to ensure they are completing all degree requirements and maximizing their time at UCLA.

Academic counselors support students by:

  • Collaboratively designing a strategic degree plan that accounts for the Public Affairs major requirements, Luskin minor requirements, double majors, minors outsider of Luskin, and GE and degree requirements.
  • Discussing the student’s personal academic, and professional goals, and outlining a plan to achieve those goals.
  • Challenging the student to reflect on their personal development and wellbeing.
  • Encouraging the student’s utilization of resources, exploration of opportunities for involvement, and engagement in leadership and teamwork experiences.
  • Discussion difficult situations or academic concerns, and strategies on how to manage them.

In turn, we expect students to take charge of their UCLA journey by proactively reaching out when they have questions or need help, and be open and honest with us.

Undergraduate Program Staff

Justin De Toro

Student Affairs Officer
Contact Us
(310) 794-4080
Public Affairs Building
Suite 3343

April Michelle Enriquez

Undergraduate Advisor
Contact Us
(310) 794-4080
Public Affairs Building
Suite 3343

Jocelyn Guihama

Director of Administration and Experiential Learning
(310) 569-4491
Public Affairs Building
Suite 3343


Capstone Advisor and Coordinator
(310) 794-4080
Public Affairs Building
Suite 3343

Erika Villanueva

Director of Student Services
Contact Us
 (310) 794-9662
Public Affairs Building
Suite 3343

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Academic Counseling Appointments

Scheduled 30-Minute Appointments

Luskin Undergraduate Academic Counselors are available to meet with you during scheduled 30-minute appointments. Online (Zoom) and in-person appointments are available Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm (except University holidays).

To schedule an appointment, submit your appointment request via MyUCLA Message Center (select topic: Public Affairs / Appointments). Be sure to include your availability and the topics you want to discuss during your appointment.

Please note that students who request an in-person appointment with a Luskin undergraduate academic counselor will be required to comply with the following:

  • Wear a face mask or face covering while in the Public Affairs Building and for the duration of your scheduled appointment.
  • Upon arrival at the Luskin Public Affairs Undergraduate Program Office, check-in at 3343 Public Affairs Building. The check-in process requires you to check-in with your Bruin Card and show proof of your UCLA COVID Clearance Certificate. If you do not present your Bruin Card and UCLA COVID Clearance Certificate we are unable to meet with you in-person. If this were to happen, we will convert your appointment to a remote appointment via Zoom or you can request to reschedule your appointment.
  • Be compliant with the UCLA COVID Protocol as outlined in the UCLA COVID-19 Resources website

To access your UCLA COVID Clearance Certificate, please complete the UCLA COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring and Vaccination Verification System prior to arriving at the Public Affairs Building.

Drop-in Counseling

Luskin Undergraduate Academic Counselors are available to meet with students during scheduled drop-in counseling sessions weeks 6 and 8. Drop-in counseling sessions are intended to be 15-minute sessions where you can:

  • Review and discuss your quarterly enrollment
  • Complete a degree check to ensure you are on-track to graduate
  • Discuss questions or concerns about the capstone requirement
  • Review and discuss the requirements for the Luskin minors (Public Affairs, Gerontology, Urban and Regional Studies)
  • Discuss the petition process for declaring a double major or minor, course substitutions, study list changes, unit max, and policy exceptions

Undergraduate Program Office Contact Information

The UCLA Public Affairs Undergraduate Program uses MyUCLA Message Center to correspond with current students as well as potential applicants. The Message Center has replaced email for student/applicant communication with the Public Affairs Undergraduate Program Office.

When contacting the Luskin Undergraduate Program Office via MyUCLA Message Center, please use the appropriate message queue:

  • Luskin SPA Admission Inquiry – for all questions about admission to the Public Affairs major
  • Luskin SPA Petitions & Forms – to submit petitions or forms to the Luskin Undergraduate Student Services Office
  • Luskin SPA Minors – for all inquiries related to the Gerontology minor, Public Affairs minor, or Urban and Regional Studies minor
  • Luskin SPA Enrollment – for questions related to enrollment, PTE requests, and enrollment restrictions for lower division (1-99) and upper division (100-199) Public Affairs, Gerontology, Public Policy, and Social Welfare courses
  • Luskin SPA Commencement – for questions about the Luskin undergraduate commencement ceremony and graduation requirements for Public Affairs majors
  • Luskin SPA Appointment Request – to request an appointment with a Luskin undergraduate academic counselor
  • Luskin SPA Experiential Learning – for questions related to the Public Affairs experiential learning capstone requirement
  • Luskin SPA Main Queue – for all other questions not covered by the message queues listed above

For those who are unable to use Message Center, we encourage you to email or call us!

Luskin School of Public Affairs
University of California Los Angeles
3250 Public Affairs Building, Suite 3343
Box 951666
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1656

Stay Connected! – Luskin Undergraduate Newsletter and Social Media

Students are encouraged to stay connected with the Luskin Public Affairs Undergraduate Program by joining our mailing listserv and following us on social media.

The weekly electronic Luskin Undergraduate Newsletter features:

  • Luskin Undergraduate Opportunities
  • General UCLA Events & Opportunities
  • Internship, Scholarship, Job, and Graduate School Opportunities,

When students will join the Public Affairs Pre-Major, Major, or Luskin Minors they will automatically be added to the Luskin Undergraduate listserv. If you are interested in submitting a blurb for our newsletter, please send all related information to The newsletter is sent every Tuesday afternoon.

Follow the Luskin School of Public Affairs Undergraduate Program on social media (@UCLALuskinUG) to:

  • read about students’ experiences in the Public Affairs major and Luskin minors,
  • access opportunities available to Public Affairs majors and Luskin minors,
  • learn about UCLA resources that support your academic success, career readiness, and personal wellbeing, and
  • receive academic policy reminders.

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