Students pursuing a B.A. in Public Affairs are required to complete a three-quarter experiential learning opportunity. This includes enrollment in the PUB AFF 187 A/B/C sequence, completion of at least 220 hours at an internship at an approved site, and culminates with a capstone project.

Internships can range from internships in community-based organizations, social enterprise businesses, or regional governments to UCLA Global Internship Program, UCLA Quarter in Washington, or UC in Sacramento (UCCS) programs.

Through the combination of a community-focused internship and the process of executing a capstone project, students will develop and practice skills essential in the modern workplace, including professional communications, time management, project management, and negotiations. PUB AFF 187 assignments are designed to help students align their internships with the course work to create a foundation for students to plan, create, and implement their capstone project. Assignments may include reflection journals, draft capstone proposals, providing peer feedback, developing presentations for community and academic audiences, and more.

Experiential Learning for Students
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