Urban planning has often been complicit in anti-Blackness and racism, so the UCLA Department of Urban Planning is undertaking some long-overdue reforms and initiatives to address these grave assaults on equity, inclusion, and human dignity.  Please click here to see our action plan, based on proposals from the student-faculty Ad Hoc Racial Justice Working Group, as developed through discussion with faculty and staff.  Our plan focuses on:

  1. Increase department accountability to racial justice goals
  2. Review Urban Planning curriculum and strengthen racial justice content
  3. Improve departmental and classroom climate for racial justice
  4. Bolster admissions and improve funding for students who are Black, Indigenous or people of color

 The Urban Planning Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Fund established to support student fellowships and assistantships for Master of Urban and Regional Planning and Ph.D. students, supporting students who are pursuing racial justice, and helping to diversify the student body and the field of planning. The priority for financial assistance will be assisting students from underrepresented minorities. Please consider making a donation to the fund.

If you prefer to send your donation by mail or make your donation via phone, please contact Laura Scarano at lscarano@luskin.ucla.edu or (908) 642-4104.