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$7 Million Initiative Aims to Ease Tensions on UC Campuses

Social Welfare Professor Ron Avi Astor spoke to LAist about the University of California’s decision to invest $7 million in new initiatives to support students, enhance safety and improve the climate on campus in light of recent events in Israel and Gaza. The funds will be used for emergency mental health services; employee training on freedom of expression and diversity, equity and inclusion; and campus programs that counter antisemitism and Islamophobia. “That would be very helpful,” said Astor, noting that high tensions on the UCLA campus have brought a stream of students into his office who are feeling distraught and alienated.


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  1. DLkelley
    DLkelley says:

    UCLA has an opportunity to live up to its high standards of academic excellence by using the past tensions as an educational moment. Every student should be mandated to complete a Constitutional Law course focusing on American ideals grounded in the First and Fourteenth Amendments – taught by historians/lawyers. The $7 million of taxpayer’s money should be directed towards contracting guest speakers ( like Ms. C. Rice, former Secretary of State) to educate on the history of that area. The $7 million could be used for student Speech and Debate projects to foster intellectual – instead of emotional- driven activities.

    I am sadden that $7 million of taxpayers’ money is being directed to non educational projects. America created public universities to advance the mindset of the individual in order to change the world.


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