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A Deepening Political Divide Over Clean Energy Investments

Megan Mullin, faculty director of the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, spoke to The Atlantic and The New York Times about the growing political polarization surrounding policies to combat climate change. A new Pew Research Center survey found that support for electric vehicles and renewable energy has fallen among Republicans over the past four years. During that time, President Joe Biden has launched initiatives including the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which invests at least $370 billion in the manufacturing of electric vehicles, solar panels and other renewable power, while former President Donald Trump has dismissed global warming as a “hoax.” “It’s on Republican airways right now because the IRA is one of Biden’s key successes,” Mullin said. She did point to a bright spot in public opinion data: Climate change has become a more urgent concern among Democrats over time, now ranking near long-standing Democratic priorities as education and health care. Mullin also expressed hope that the economic logic of clean energy investments will eventually outweigh partisan politics.


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