Courtney Demko

Courtney Demko is a fourth year doctoral student in the Social Welfare department with a specialization in Gerontology at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs.  She also earned her Master’s in Social Welfare at UCLA’s Luskin School with a specialization in Gerontology.  Courtney holds a BA in Political Science from Davidson College.

Courtney’s current research interests include the health and well-being of dementia family caregivers.  More specifically, her work examines the emotional, physical and psychological strain millennial caregivers experience while providing care to a loved one with dementia.

Courtney currently serves as the Assistant Director for the Center for Policy Research on Aging at UCLA, researching the economic impact of a nation growing older and more diverse.  Courtney recently surveyed older white conservative adults in Orange County, CA looking at their attitudes and beliefs towards immigration and immigration policy.

Courtney received the Meyer and Renee Luskin Fellowship, the Olive M. Stone Scholarship Endowment, the Hearst Endowed Scholarship in Aging, the Leon and Toby Gold Fellowship and the Targow Fellowship for her work as a doctoral student in the field of aging.


The Politics of Aging in a Majority-Minority Nation and Later-Life Social Support and Service Provision in Diverse and Vulnerable Populations.