Maximilian Buchholz

Max Buchholz is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Urban Planning and an affiliate with the California Center for Population Research. His research examines the causes of disparities in economic opportunity across cities. A key theme in his work is understanding how the drivers of economic disparities across city-regions also produce unequal outcomes for different segments of the population (e.g. across race, gender, or educational attainment).

Max’s work at UCLA is funded by a National Science Foundation Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. In this research, he is examining whether increasing urbanization within U.S. cities causes racial and gender income inequality to increase.

Max holds a PhD in geography from the University of Toronto, as well as MA and BA degrees in Latin American Studies and history from UCLA and UC Berkeley. Prior to coming to UCLA, Max was the Pollman Postdoctoral Fellow in Real Estate and Urban Development at Harvard. He also spent several years working for a community development organization in Los Angeles where he developed afterschool enrichment programming for high school students from low-income communities.

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