Astor on School Gun Violence: No Justice, No Closure

Social Welfare professor Ron Avi Astor spoke to CNN about the ongoing issue of gun violence at U.S. schools. “When there’s a disaster that happens and it’s done and over with, then you could look back and we could come together as a country,” Astor said. “But when it’s happening every week, over and over and over again, there is no justice or closure, because it’s not done. We’re in the midst of it, as a collective, as a country.” Astor said he is optimistic change can come but believes the media must reform the way it reports on shootings, without glamorizing events and polarizing discussions. “This is about … working together with an ideal of who we want to be as a society,” he said, calling for ground-level dialogue that works toward restorative justice. Astor and a group of academics released an eight-point gun violence prevention plan earlier this year.


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