Brozen on Increase in L.A.’s Unhoused Living in Vehicles

Madeline Brozen, deputy director of the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies at UCLA Luskin, spoke to LAist about Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis, specifically the increase in unhoused people living in vehicles. This year’s count of L.A.’s homeless population found a slight decrease in the number of people living in tents but an overall increase that was “disproportionately driven by people living in vehicles,” with more than 14,000 cars, vans, RVs and other vehicles being used for shelter. “It’s not surprising that the population continues to grow, because we’re just doing very little to address it,” said Brozen, lead researcher on a project focused on vehicular homelessness in Los Angeles. She explained that despite being the majority of L.A.’s homeless population for years, people living in vehicles are not as visible to the public as those living in tents on sidewalks and hillsides, and therefore receive less attention from policymakers and are absent in public discussions on homelessness.


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