These individuals had positive experiences with UCLA Luskin’s Career Services office. You can too!

From Students

“I think the Career Center is an invaluable resource for most students. The workshops we were able to bring were helpful for the student body as a whole. The Women in the Workplace Leadership workshop was empowering and affirming, and it provided a much needed discussion space regarding gender and professional development.”
Khiet Ho Jenkins MSW ’13

“Career Services is a helpful, often underutilized resource that is available to all Luskin students.”
“Ezra” Justin Lee MURP ’13


“There are a lot of tools available to us, but many students don’t know about them. Go to Career Services early in the year! And know what you’re looking for — the more specific you can be, the better. Also, don’t be afraid to make requests. I think they really do value student feedback and suggestions.”
Martha Washo MPP ’14


“Career Services was very helpful when I had a last-minute change of plans for the summer, and had to cancel the program abroad I had planned to do. Career Services provided me with a list of alumni contacts in Sacramento, where I needed to move for the summer, in order to find an internship. Most of the alumni responded, which was very encouraging.”
Jadie Wasilco MURP ’14


From Alumni

“As an alumnus, the Luskin Career Services has helped tremendously in keeping me connected to the Luskin Social Welfare community. At the Social Welfare Networking Lunch in May 2013, I was able to not only network with my peers who are in the field already, but also meet and give advice to current students. There often is a smaller cohort that focuses on the ‘macro’ side of social welfare, so I’m eager for opportunities to inform students about what a career in macro social work looks like. In addition, I appreciate any chance to stay connected with my alma mater. Go Bruins!”
Everado Alvizo MSW ’08

“The most helpful thing has been recruiting candidates from UCLA Urban Planning, and that’s because my job and internship referrals always find their way to excellent students here.”Jonathan Pacheco Bell MA UP ’05

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“It’s been my honor to partake in the Luskin Career Services; it’s a privilege to mingle with experienced professionals and the bright students developing their skills. For me, part of being a competent professional involves sharing with others – not just health science research findings through traditional publications, but working with students to help them find their professional path based on their interests and unique personalities. I see Luskin Career Services as an excellent resource for building connections, offering guidance, and facilitating the personal, academic and professional advancement for these noble Bruins. I look forward to further participating in the development of this worthy network.”
Herschel Knapp Ph.D. SW ’01

“UCLA Luskin Career Services has created opportunities for me to stay connected and engaged in the Luskin community. The staff has been particularly receptive and helpful in executing events that are of interest to students and alumni alike, including the “Women’s Leadership in the Workplace” brown bag that I helped plan in Spring Quarter of 2013. I look forward to continuing to take advantage of these opportunities to develop as a professional and learn from students and fellow alumni through the Luskin Career Services.”
Margarita Luna MSW ’03


From Employers

“Recruiting at UCLA has always been an amazing experience. Faculty and students have been nothing but welcoming and enthusiastic about the Downtown Women’s Center. UCLA students have shown strong community involvement and I absolutely enjoy engaging such driven staff and students. I look forward to even more years of partnership between myself and UCLA.”
Meghan Daniels, Downtown Women’s Center

“We recruit from the Luskin School of Public Affairs because we’ve found that the graduates are consistently strong contributors to our audit teams. Equipped with solid analytical, critical-thinking, and writing skills makes them a strong asset from the get go.”
Glen Fowler, California State Auditor’s Office