DeShazo on Political Liability in Texas

JR DeShazo, director of the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, was featured in an Atlantic article about the aftermath of the energy crisis in Texas. State leaders failed to fully prepare for the recent storm, resulting in blackouts across the state that lasted for days. The collapse of the power grid resulted in the deaths of dozens of Texans, and many are pointing to the lapse in state leadership for the mismanagement of the crisis. While this crisis is likely not enough to flip Texas blue, experts predict that the disaster will inspire more Democrats to challenge the state’s ruling party. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott was responsible for appointing the three members of the state’s Public Utility Commission, which regulates the Texas grid. While Abbott is one step removed from the commission, “just like any other agency failure, the chief executive was responsible for the appointments,” said DeShazo, a professor of public policy and urban planning.

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