Dreamers and Doers

Building on the “Called to Action” idea introduced in the previous issue of Luskin Forum, this issue focuses on more of the faculty, staff and students who make a difference and whose legacy represents a lasting impact.

The Luskin School is a magnet for scholars and practitioners with a passion to move society toward a better future. Sometimes, the best thing to do is step back, think big thoughts and ask questions. How should cities evolve to become more equitable? What can social programs do to better serve people in need? Which policy changes will improve the most lives? And sometimes the best thing is to roll up our sleeves and just tackle whichever challenges come next.

Challenges like the coronavirus pandemic.

Finding solutions to big problems requires inspiration and action. You need planning and practice. In recent months, an abundance of important work has come out of the Luskin School, and in the pages that follow, we present a cross-section of memorable things done by admirable people. Our dreamers and doers.

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