Kaplan on Rising Rate of Alcohol-Related Deaths Among U.S. Women

Mark Kaplan, professor emeritus of social welfare at UCLA Luskin, commented in a WebMD article on a new Hofstra University-based study that found U.S. women are dying of alcohol-related causes at a growing rate. Overall, men were nearly three times more likely to die from alcohol-related issues, but the rate of increase in alcohol-related deaths in women grew at a faster pace in the latest years studied. Kaplan said the new study was strong and recommended that future research “focus on some of the issues that may have to do with social circumstances.” The article also cited a 2022 study co-authored by Kaplan, who was not part of the Hofstra study. Kaplan and fellow researchers analyzed more than 115,000 deaths by suicide from 2003 to 2018 and found that the proportion of those deaths involving alcohol at a level above the legal limit increased annually for women in all age groups, but not for men.

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