Luskin School of Public Affairs Launches 2009-2010 Senior Fellows Cohort KCET’s Val Zavala opened the welcome event for the new cohort of Fellows, who have been matched with 58 students.

Together with several returning Senior Fellows, including the keynote speaker, KCET’s vice president of news and public affairs, Val Zavala, the 2009 Senior Fellows Breakfast sparked conversations about career interests, networking, and policy issues, to be further followed up with activities throughout the academic year.

Fifty-eight students are participating in the Senior Fellows program this year. Over the thirteen years since the program was created in 1997, more than 600 students have been matched with individual mentors for professional development.

“You’re really going to enjoy this,” said Zavala, addressing the new Senior Fellows, “the time you spend is true quality time, both for the young people and in relationship with the School.”

This year’s cohort includes new participants who are professionals from the media, public service, business, environmental, and government sectors: Hasan Ikhrata, executive director, Southern California Association of Governments; BongHwan “BH” Kim, general manager, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, City of Los Angeles; Frank I. Luntz, president of The Word Doctors; Jim Newton, opinion editor-at-large, The Los Angeles Times; Mary D. Nichols, chairman, California Air Resources Board; Katherine Aguilar Perez, executive director, Urban Land Institute, Los Angeles; and William E. Simon, Jr., co-chairman, William E. Simon & Sons, LLC.

“Get them to your workplace, show them around and introduce them to your colleagues,” Zavala urged students, “make it a real high priority.”

The School of Public Affairs opened the 2009-2010 Senior Fellows program at a welcome breakfast this morning at the UCLA Faculty Center. The Fellows, selected for their distinguished leadership across sectors, are invited to contribute their time and expertise through a career-site visit program, professional mentorship of two to three current School of Public Affairs students, and a policy briefing on leadership, management, or a topic relevant to their field of expertise. Students who participate in the program are selected in a competitive process and matched to a Fellow at the recommendation of graduate advisors and faculty in their respective departments.

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