Khush Cooper Named to L.A. County Commission for Children and Families

Khush Cooper, adjunct assistant professor of social welfare at UCLA Luskin, has been appointed to the Los Angeles County Commission for Children and Families. The 15-member commission advises the county Board of Supervisors on how to improve the delivery of services to create a safer and more secure future for the region’s most vulnerable families. During her two-year term, Cooper will meet regularly with fellow commissioners to review all county-administered programs providing services to at-risk children, and to seek input from individuals and community groups. In addition to providing guidance on program improvements, they will review legislation dealing with child welfare and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. The commission also produces an annual report on the status of children’s services in Los Angeles County, to be distributed and discussed throughout the community. “In addition to supporting the existing strategic focus areas of the commission, such as racial justice and support for transition-aged youth, I intend to lift up community-based strategies for parents of LGBTQ+ youth so that they can fully accept and adequately care for their children and prevent them from becoming embroiled in systems,” Cooper said. “Currently, LGBTQ+ youth are overrepresented in child welfare and probation systems across the county, state and nation.” Supervisor Lindsey Horvath nominated Cooper to the commission, which is made up of individuals who have deep experience in child welfare. Cooper earned her master and doctorate of social welfare at UCLA Luskin.

Cooper has also been named to a state task force tasked with reforming California’s child welfare policies.


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