Aerial view of apartment buildings in Los Angeles

Ling on Struggle to Enact Tenant Protections

A CalMatters article on the California Legislature’s failure to pass tenant protection bills included comments from Joan Ling, urban planning lecturer and policy analyst. The latest bill, AB 854, would have required landlords to keep units for at least five years before using a state law to evict renters. The bill was backed by a broad coalition but opposed by business and real estate interests, and it died in committee before reaching a floor vote in the Democratic-supermajority Assembly. Opponents argued that AB 854 would have devastated mom-and-pop landlords and stalled the demolition of older buildings to make way for additional housing units, which are sorely needed. “I support homeownership, but the question is: ‘How are you getting there?’” Ling said. “Are you going to get there by dislocating renter families that most likely are going to have to move out of the area where they are living? There’s a big public policy question here.”


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