California Policy Options 2004

The 2004 edition of California Policy Options paints the picture of a state starting to turn things around politically and economically, but constrained by structural flaws and demographic demands, particularly poverty, affecting education, law enforcement, and labor markets. This edition of California Policy Options also includes articles on policy topics as diverse as the challenges facing ex-offenders looking for work, human resources policy and morale issues at the Los Angeles Police department, urban design for public safety, and incentives for school reform.


California’s Economic Outlook

Caliornia’s Policy Options 2004

Family Time, Cliffs and Train Wrecks 661KB

Trajectory of Poverty in LA 754KB

Designing Incentives for California Schools

The Labor Market for Ex-Offenders in LA

Protecting Against Transit Crime 886KB

Tracking Changes within the Los Angeles Police Department

Authors’ Biographies

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