California Policy Options 2005

California faces a host of interrelated challenges as the year 2005 opens. Although there is always short-term uncertainty concerning the economic outlook, the larger economic problems for the state are longer-term. This edition of California
Policy Options includes articles on policy topics as diverse as the local challenges of homeland security, expert critical analysis of the state budget, and a passionate advocacy to incentivize public transportation on the UCLA campus. 

Table of Contents 



California’s Economic Outlook: Short-term Recovery But Longer-term Uncertainties 

Following the Governor, Political Options in California for 2005 

Warren’s Way Back from the Budget Cliff: “Action, Action, Action”
Won’t be Enough 

California Housing Policy 

California Policy Options: Supplying California’s Need for Nurses 

Parking on a Smart Campus: Lessons For Universities and Cities 

Dealing with Public-Sector Labor Disputes: An Alternative Approach
For California 

Port Security: Improving Emergency Response Capabilities at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach 

Authors’ Biographies 

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