Rendering of monorail next to freeway

Subway or Monorail? LA Metro Weighs Options for Easing Congestion

LAist’s coverage of competing proposals to ease congestion in the Sepulveda Corridor features Jacob Wasserman of the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies. Wasserman explains the pros and cons of two alternatives under consideration by LA Metro: a monorail and a subway. Increased capacity for riders and shortened travel times are advantages of the subway, but some homeowners object to tunneling beneath their properties. A monorail would require little or no tunneling and lower the cost and duration of construction, but one potential disadvantage is noise and air pollution. Wasserman also speaks about the benefits to people who work and study at UCLA, which has “one of the biggest concentrations of jobs and, unique to the Westside, a big concentration of people without cars.” All of the subway proposals would have a stop at UCLA, while only one of the proposed monorail routes would stop directly on campus.


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