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Torres-Gil Featured in ‘Sages of Aging’

Fernando Torres-Gil, professor of social welfare and public policy, appeared on the PBS special “Sages of Aging” to discuss the experiences and lifestyle changes that emerge with aging. Torres-Gil spoke about ways that older generations can participate in the fast-changing digital age by keeping up with technological advancements and having an open mind. “We can show that, at the very least, we are still engaged, we are still willing to learn new things like new technology, and that we tried to mitigate the natural tendencies of older persons to be upfront with our biases and our own prejudices,” he said. Torres-Gil also shared aspects of aging that can make people feel pessimistic, such as decreased physical capabilities. “But life is still good. A lot of it is just accepting it with grace and just moving on,” he said. Torres-Gil is director of the Center for Policy Research on Aging at UCLA Luskin.


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