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Weisburst Selected as National Bureau of Economic Research Fellow

Emily Weisburst, assistant professor of public policy at UCLA Luskin, has been named a faculty research fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Weisburst, a labor economist who studies the economics of crime, criminal justice and legal policy, education and immigration, is one of 54 fellows chosen this year. Appointees were selected after a review by directors of NBER’s 20 research programs, who consulted with steering committees made up of leading scholars. Weisburst will work with NBER’s Law and Economics Program, which studies the economic dimensions of specific legal rules and the broader legal system. She also has affiliations with UCLA’s California Policy Lab and California Center for Population Research, and is a research affiliate at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA). Weisburst’s recent scholarship sheds light on the factors that impact police decision-making and public trust in police, and how interactions with the criminal justice system affect individuals, families and communities.


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