Astor on Helping Military-Connected Schools With Bullying

Ron Avi Astor, professor of social welfare, appeared on the Practicing Connection podcast to discuss methods for military-connected schools to approach bullying issues. Astor has been doing school safety work since the 1980s, implementing programs that have been used in schools across the world. “It’s really listening to the voices of the ground-level people who are there. What that does is it captures the variation in region around issues of culture, so every school is a little bit different,” he said. This holds true in different countries and also in the unique culture of military families, he said. “You really need to have that whole-school, whole-community approach. … Each school needs its own data to get its own voice. Each school needs a way to interpret it. Each school needs a way to connect with all these partnerships, each school needs a way to exchange good ideas with each other, back and forth.”


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