Three people stand underneath a bus shelter on a sunny day.

Brozen on the Importance of Building Bus Shelters

Madeline Brozen, deputy director of the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, spoke to dot.LA about a contract to build bus shelters in Los Angeles. Currently, less than 25% of L.A. bus stops provide shelter, leaving riders — many of them low-income people of color — to withstand high temperatures without shade. After some delays, including waiting for the city to approve a $30 million loan to start building the shelters, construction is projected to begin in the fall. “I can understand that the scale of doing bus shelters given the number of stops is really daunting. But bus shelters aren’t just a ‘nice to have,’” Brozen said. “This is really [about] protecting people’s health and welfare, and it’s important to think about the public health benefits as they’re figuring out how to address the disparity.” 


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