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Center for Innovation on Expanding Electric Cars to Low-Income Communities

The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation was cited in a Los Angeles Times story about innovative electric car ride-sharing initiatives in parts of California. The Central Valley city of Huron attracts thousands of seasonal laborers to harvest crops every year; but the area is also a transportation desert. To address this issue, Mayor Rey León created the Green Raiteros program, a growing fleet of electric cars that shuttle residents all over Fresno County free of charge. Most of the electric vehicle infrastructure is concentrated in the wealthiest ZIP codes, but the Green Raiteros program is challenging that trend. In addition, residents of Rancho San Pedro, near the Port of Los Angeles, are taking advantage of an innovative program to share electric cars at low cost. According to a Center for Innovation study, getting these cars into lower-income communities is “the greatest challenge we now face in meeting our climate goals.”

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