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Germany as Defender of the Liberal International Order

A Project Syndicate commentary by Adjunct Professor of Social Welfare Helmut Anheier assessed Germany’s effectiveness in managing an array of crises made urgent by Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. “Germany faces no shortage of challenges, from the Russian security threat and political instability among Western allies to democratic backsliding and a looming economic crisis within the European Union,” Anheier wrote. Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced some of the most drastic policy reversals in postwar German history, including increased investment in the military, a radical overhaul of the nation’s energy policy and a review of trade policies with autocratic regimes, especially China. Progress has been halting but, overall, the current government has proven surprisingly adept at managing the situation, Anheier wrote. “With a relatively sound economy, a strong commitment to the liberal order and the EU, and a functioning government, Germany may be Europe’s best hope in the current crises, provided that American support for Ukraine remains strong.”

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  1. Primorsko
    Primorsko says:

    If I may share my opinion? I As far as I know the only task of the govenment is to serve his people. For me is hard to see in the recent descisions of the German government how this task is fullfilled. I live in Germany and we are having hard time to make the living. Germany is not the only one affected. I belive Politics have a lot more options on the negotiation table then building a coalition and splitting the world in two again.


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