Goh on the Consequences of Windowless Rooms

Kian Goh, associate professor of urban planning, was cited in an article in The Architect’s Newspaper about the construction of windowless bedrooms to help meet the high demand for housing in metropolitan areas. Windowless rooms are banned in New York City and other regions because of the health hazards they pose on occupants, such as increased fire hazards. Furthermore, natural light has been shown to have positive effects on a person’s mental and physical well-being. “The thing about windowless rooms is it’s not a design issue — we can design cool windowless rooms for any floor plan. It’s that we rely on code minimums to protect the health and welfare of the most marginalized in an unjust, unequal society,” Goh said. Ultimately, people in low-income communities would bear the burden of living in windowless homes with minimum safety measures, as opposed to those who can afford well-designed homes with a windowless floor plan.


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