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Allow Housing Projects With Zero Parking? Shoup Says That’s a Good Thing

In Los Angeles and other parts of California, thousands of new apartments are being developed with little to no on-site parking, causing neighbors to worry about an influx of new renters fighting for existing parking spots. That worry may be short-sighted but it’s understandable, UCLA Luskin’s Donald Shoup told LAist. “We all want to park free — including me,” said Shoup, an urban planning professor. “The problem with parking requirements is that in some cases the required parking is so expensive that the developer never even thinks about proposing a development.”  That is changing in part because of a 2022 change to state law that no longer requires housing developers to provide parking for apartment buildings within half a mile of a major public transit stop. As Shoup has long said, such parking requirements can increase construction costs to an extent that it limits the type of housing that can profitably be built on expensive urban land, thus discouraging new projects. Shoup also spoke with Colorado Public Radio about similar reforms in Colorado.


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