How L.A. Residents Can Help Capture Stormwater

When it rains in California, water agencies throughout the Southland use dry wells, dams and large spreading grounds to capture stormwater, but Los Angeles residents also may play a part in filling the arid region’s reservoirs. An LAist story on residential water capture included comments from Edith de Guzman, a water equity and adaptation policy cooperative extensive specialist affiliated with the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation. It’s difficult to determine just how much an individual household’s yard could contribute to water capture through rain gardens, permeable pavement or swales, but landscaping innovations like those could make an impact, according to research in the 2015 report, Stormwater Capture Master Plan. The study was prepared for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in partnership with TreePeople, where de Guzman worked as director of research at the time. “Parcel by parcel there is an additive effect and we’ve shown that additive effect is really significant,” she said.


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