Relaxing Traffic at LAX

Brian D. Taylor, director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at UCLA Luskin, commented in a Los Angeles Times story about traffic at Los Angeles International Airport and ongoing efforts to alleviate congestion in and around the world-famous travel destination. Since the airport became an international destination in 1949, L.A. County’s population has grown by millions, with ground transportation growing with increased flight travel. “Things that were perfectly reasonable in 1966 become problematic in 2024,” said Taylor, UCLA professor of urban planning and public policy. In addition to improvements including cell phone waiting lots and the LAXit lot designated for ride-hail services and taxis, billions of dollars have been allocated for projects to ease airport traffic. “They’ve done more and more over time to move the cars onto the outer part of the roadway and be able to move the shuttle buses more quickly,” Taylor said. But “the easiest default is to drive [to a parking structure] or even get dropped off.”

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