Shade structures in front of office buildings

Shade as an Essential Solution for Hotter Cities

V. Kelly Turner, associate director of the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, shared her expertise on the impact of extreme heat on people’s well-being with a wide range of media outlets. In a CNN interview, Turner said one of the most effective ways to keep people cool is often neglected in urban planning: simply providing shade. “A person standing in the shade can feel 20 to 40 degrees Celsius cooler than someone who’s standing in the sun just a few feet away,” she said. Turner is also lead author of a Nature article calling on policymakers to remove bureaucratic barriers to installing shade structures: “It is important not to make something as simple as shade-building financially or legally impossible.” She also spoke to the Los Angeles Times, KCRW, NPR and LAist about issues including the federal government’s new measures to help Americans adapt to extreme temperatures and the intentional removal of sources of shade in the midst of dangerously high temperatures, which Turner called “climate violence.”


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