police tape in front of crime scene at night

Turner on Combating Crime With Racial Justice

A Los Angeles Times column arguing that Democrats have failed to convincingly address voters’ concerns about crime cited David C. Turner III, assistant professor of social welfare. The GOP’s midterm messaging casting Democrats as soft on crime is largely aimed at a white audience, but many people of color also fear that they or their families will be the victims of violence. The column noted that 81% of Black voters and about 65% of Latino voters cite crime as a top issue. Rather than a militarized response, these communities seek proposals for preventing violent crime, such as after-school programs and job opportunities for young people, said Turner, whose scholarship focuses on Black life and racial justice. “We don’t want increased police presence, because what the research has shown is that regardless of socioeconomic status, increased police presence is not good for any Black community,” he said.

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