A shade structure is built around a bus stop

Turner’s Research Helps Oasis Residents Battle the Heat

V. Kelly Turner, co-director of the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, spoke to the Desert Sun about her research on shade scarcity in Oasis, California. Because Oasis does not have tall buildings or trees, it has larger shade deserts than other communities. The study looked into how heat changes were affecting residents of Oasis and possible solutions to alleviate this struggle. For example, temporary shade structures were created at bus stops to provide people with places to sit that are protected from the heat. Building this kind of shelter could also encourage ridership on buses. Turner said amenities such as the shaded bus shelters help address the heat burden for people who are unable to reside in air-conditioned settings. “Every city needs to be planning for shade and probably planning for more of it, given what we’re anticipating with climate change,” she said.


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