Hill on Rejecting Hustle Culture for Radical Self-Care

Jasmine Hill, assistant professor of public policy and sociology, spoke to Insider about radical self-care, a movement popular on social media platforms which rejects traditional forms of self-care tied to consumerism. Proponents of radical self-care focus on basic needs such as rest rather than wellness products for maintaining health and well-being. “Radical self-care, in this concept, is a rejection of hustle culture. It’s rejecting this idea that, as human beings, our worth is intrinsically tied to our work, and instead that we are worthy, independent of our participation in capitalism on its own,” Hill said. “We are people, we are not personal brands, so we have needs that relate to community, food, water and rest.” Hill emphasized the importance of this form of self-care for Black women, who “because of our place in the racial and gender hierarchy, are called upon to be constant laborers for our families, for our workplaces, for society.”

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