Newton Reflects on Feinstein’s Political Career

Jim Newton, editor of UCLA’s Blueprint magazine, was interviewed by KCRW about Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s political career in the wake of recent news that she will not run for reelection. “There were a lot of cross-cutting loyalties there, but she was steadfast, tough, tenacious, all of which are hallmarks of her career. It certainly put her at odds, as I say, with some allies and friends. But she dug in and when she digs in, she’s tough,” Newton said. Feinstein’s long political career has had many groundbreaking moments, such as her federal legislation to ban assault weapons and her unwavering stance against CIA torture before and after 9/11. “She is a thinker of her own and that has allowed her to make alliances and build friendships and connections across the aisle and across society,” Newton said. “[Her career has] been such an impressive, such a groundbreaking and such an important part of California history.”


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