boxes piled behind a FedEx truck on a city street

Parking Reform Can Seem Slow, but Technology Isn’t the Problem

For years, Professor Donald Shoup has said, “price the curb,” but acting on that advice can vary from city to city. For example, it can mean adding parking meters on New York City’s Upper West Side to generate income from about 1,700 parking spaces that historically provided free storage for car owners in one of the nation’s densest, most expensive neighborhoods. As reported on Streetsblog, the Department of Transportation’s long-awaited “Smart Curbs” plan seeks to address rampant double-parking and traffic snarls resulting from increased online ordering and delivery drivers unloading packages on streets packed with private cars. But with just 175 meters, Shoup said, “they’re just nibbling around the edges of problems with parking on the Upper West Side.” Shoup also recently spoke with Government Technology  magazine about technological innovation in curb management, saying he imagines a near future when parking payment will be handled by the cars themselves, via electronic technology.


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