"Taboo" Narcotics: Mark Kleiman Appears in National Geographic Documentary

Professor Mark Kleiman of the Department of Public Policy shares expert commentary on the subject of narcotics on the series, "Taboo," premiering this month on the National Geographic channel.

"No society's ever had as many recreational drugs, or mind-altering drugs, available to it, as we now have available to us." comments Kleiman.

The program airs on Sunday, February 7 at 3 p.m., check for additional air dates.


Frank Gilliam's China Trip: Peking University (pt. 4)

A post from Dean Frank Gilliam, who is currently traveling in China...

Frank Gilliam's China Trip: Tianjin (pt. 3)

A post from Dean Frank Gilliam, who is currently traveling in China...

It took us about an hour by train to get from Beijing to Tianjin. After our arrival, we went directly to Tianjin University and the Urban Planning Exhibition Center (pictured below).  Shortly, I'll be meeting with the governor of the Tianjin Municipal Government, who runs the sixth largest provincial government in China.

Here are some more photos from my trip:



For Some Survivors, Polio Won’t Fade Into the Past—from the NY Times

“We’ve followed a lifetime of saying, ‘Push hard, keep going forward,’ ” said Prof. Fernando Torres-Gil, a polio survivor and director of the Center for Policy Research on Aging at the University of California, Los Angeles. “But now that’s an impediment to successful aging.”

Frank Gilliam's China Trip: Beijing South Train Station (pt. 2)

A post from Dean Frank Gilliam, who is currently traveling in China...

I'm on my way to Tianjin University with National Urban League president Mark Morial. We're at the Beijing South Train Station, which is solar powered! By the way, for a fascinating read on China's urban planning challenges, check out Professor Randy Crane's blog:

Frank Gilliam's China Trip: Visit with Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design (pt.1)

A post from Dean Frank Gilliam, who is currently traveling in China...

Frank Gilliam & CAUPD

I am in Beijing this week, as part of the National Urban League's Trade and Cultural Mission delegation.

Carbon Cap and Trade in California and Rethinking Local Public Finance

From Professor Matt Kahn's blog,

I missed this announcement 2 weeks ago that the Air Resources Board will take the revenue collected from California's Carbon Cap and Trade and give the $20 billion dollar a year flow back "to the people".

Hawkes and Sheridan, Urban Planning Alumnae, Launch LA 2.0

LA 2.0From the L.A. Times: A collaboration between the global citizen's initiative known simply as GOOD, the Public Studio and Sheridan/Hawkes (comprised of Urban Planning grads Amber Hawkes and Georgia Sheridan), the afternoon think tank "LA 2.0: Refresh, Reinvent, Re-imagine"--was held on Saturday December 5, 2009 and called up urban practitioners to outline strategies to improve the physical environment of L.A.

Gang Charges Brought Up in Pimping Prosecution

Jorja Leap assesses a new presecutors tool--anti gang statutes:

From the Voice of San Diego:

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