The UCLA Department of Urban Planning is at the intersection of unique academic, regional, geographic and professional resources that create a learning environment unlike any other. Los Angeles, one of the most culturally diverse and exciting urban settings in the world, serves as a unique laboratory for faculty and students to study and solve urban issues and problems. The world-class faculty in the department — nationally and internationally recognized scholars and leaders in community development, environmental planning, housing, land development, regional and international development, transportation, and urban design — prepare master’s and doctoral degree students to address the social, economic and spatial relationships that shape society.

For more than 40 years, UCLA’s Department of Urban Planning has been a leading center of innovation and action. We are consistently ranked among the nation’s top planning programs.  We study urgent and topical issues at multiple scales and using interdisciplinary approaches — from local community development in Southern California to global environmental degradation.

Who We Are

Nicole Lambrou


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Cynthia Guzman


Appointed to the California Board for
Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists.

Brian Taylor


Named one of the Top 10
Transportation Thought Leaders in Academia 2016

Academic Programs

A two-year professional-degree program focused on the role of cities and urban space located in one of the world’s truly global cities — Los Angeles.

Dual-degree programs with the following other graduate programs on the UCLA campus:  architecture, business, Latin American Studies, law and public health.

A four-year academic program in which students develop the research skills and experience to produce influential scholarship and secure jobs at leading research institutions.

A minor in Urban and Regional Studies that offers undergraduates a means of understanding and addressing urban and regional issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Specializations that provide graduate students with additional expertise in the following areas:  Design and Development, Food Studies, Global Public Affairs, Sustainability, Urban Humanities and Writing.

Programs for visitors to the Department of Urban Planning including graduate student researchers, international professionals, non-degree-objective students and post-doctoral scholars.


Luskin Lecture to Peer Into Future of an Aging America Speaker Jo Ann Jenkins seeks to ‘disrupt aging’ with a fresh outlook on the nation’s increasingly older population – and how society will change as a result

AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins seeks to ‘disrupt aging’ with a fresh outlook on the nation’s increasingly older population

Responding to the Call in a ‘Post-Truth’ World Presented by UCLA Luskin’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy, ‘From the Frontlines of Justice’ and other J18 events demonstrate how ‘places of learning will not bear silent witness’

UCLA Luskin organizes a daylong exercise of teaching and learning in response to uncertainty and fear related to new U.S. presidential administration

A Career of ‘Depth and Quality’ UCLA Luskin scholar Michael Storper to receive the American Association of Geographers’ Distinguished Scholarship Honors

UCLA Luskin scholar Michael Storper, the distinguished professor of regional and international development, will receive the American Association of Geographers’ Distinguished Scholarship Honors

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